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Are there any options I have to use es6 dependencies, or is ts-node not an option in that case? This just started cropping up for us as well. It happened, possibly by coincidence, when we started exporting a function instead of a class. I notice that the example given above with ramda is also a function, but perhaps this is a red herring.

JavaScript Error Handling: Unexpected Token

Certain people in other issues recommend to use "module": "commonjs" since they say ES6 is not supported with this tool. It does not work for me since the library enzyme uses import locally from within functions, which seems to be specific to ES6. And if I look at the code of rafaelcichocki who create this issue, he has a local import from within a function, which seems to not work when moving to "module": "commonjs". As a possible solution, one can replace ts-node by webpack to chain a typescript parser with babel.

Because webpack is so much popular, it will have good tools to process Typescript, even with ES6 Javascript. Here is a very nice blog explaining how to set up the mocha testing environment to process both typescript and babel.

They use the library "mixer" called mocha-webpack. Many people recommend to use mocha with ts-node. This blog gives an alternative. It may be that, with this alternative, the warnings will show up earlier. Edit: the solution above did not work for me. Probably because an old version of webpack is required. I installed babel-cli I produced a new version of each packaged which had the import error.

My mocha test that passes while it combines mocha, ts-node, tsconfig-paths, babel-core looks like this:. If you want to consume ES modules, you should update to a node. Both these projects provide non-ES module versions by transpiling for NPM, so it looks like you're both going out of your way to import files unsupported by your node. Maybe skip the ES modules until you have a better grasp on how node.

You can, of course, transpile them again yourself into something node. In our case, we're importing our own code in our private repo, no transpiling -- pure. Unless I misread your comment, your explanation wouldn't seem to apply to us. Other TypeScript dependencies continue to work fine -- it is this one function which we've oddly been unable to reference without error.

If so, it applies. The only differences I've noted are:. Unfortunately, this is all embedded in a significant non-public codebase, and I haven't had time to boil it down to a minimal repro case yet.

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What version are you using? What flags have you enabled? Can you share the error? Btw I solved this.What am I missing? I would love to do that. I found the Contribution Manager! But there are many libraries. Do I have to install them all?

I am guessing you need to install the serial library. I can tell you later tonight…. That kinda error generally means the compiler failed to parse the source code.

The culprit statement should be there if you spot 1. Tried the Control T. It rearranged the code just a bit. I tried recompiling and still get the same error. Then reinstall it, move the questionable code back to its rightful place and give it another compile and see what happens. Another technique:. OK, I completely uninstalled Processing and all its files along with installation files. Freshly Rebooted my laptop. Installed an older version of Processing version 3.

It did. Created a desktop shortcut. Moved my offending program to the appropriate directory. Opened Processing, loaded the program, clicked the Run button and it errored out where it had been before with the error unexpected token:processing on the line with:.

Opened a second occurrence of Processing. The semicolon is there. Copied the whole front-end of the program in 2nd Processing window. Still getting syntax error. Copied the entire program line by line.Hi there, I'm hoping that somebody can help me with some coding which has been done for my website.

I have created a search function on my homepage which takes me to a search result on another page- however, on the mobile site, for some reason, there seems to be an issue which this error is affecting the functionality. The same with the parentheses and have matching pairs so that the same amount of open and closed are in your code. Also, you need to have an onReady call at the start of your code underneath the imports.

As part of givemeawhisky 's excellent response, he mentioned about matching pairs of braces and parentheses. I find that formatting the code really helps; here's my 1st pass:. As part of the formatting, I did the following:.

Also, I encourage you to replace default names like vectorImage22 and input1 with mnemonic memory-aiding names that describe what the control is really for. For example, "input1" should be replaced with something like "searchValue" since that's what it's for. Also, as givemeawhisky recommended, don't forget to include onReady call. Especially that last comment about default names, as the amount of times we've all seen lots of previous forum posts with text33 or input20 or button28etc, etc in their supplied code samples.


It does make me wonder how some people cope or struggle with just everything as default and not renaming them to help them in the actual code and as you said, the use of that element too.

Thanks for the help- I realised that I had accidentally deleted the onReady call when I had removed another part of the code for a function no longer needed. We could diff our code against a previous version and immediately see the accidental deletion.

Does it also have a git-like version control system? Yes that would make a lot of sense. I've only used the site history in Wix to go back to a previous version and that was just for a quick fix before going off and doing other things, so I haven't used it for viewing the previous websites as it states you can do.

It would be great if we could compare code side by side, however judging by the description on the page, we can just view the previous website only and not compare it with the existing one. Put it in a feature request, I would vote for it straight away. May 14, All Features.

unexpected token curly bracket import

Coming Soon. All Documentation. Video Tutorials. API Reference. Become a Partner. Hire a Developer.Unexpected Token errors are a subset of SyntaxErrors and, thus, will only appear when attempting to execute code that has an extra or missing character in the syntax, different from what JavaScript expects. Like most programming languages, JavaScript tends to be fairly particular about its syntax and the way it is written.

JavaScript code is parsed from left to right, a process in which the parser converts the statements and whitespace into unique elements:. However, in situations where the syntax is wrong often due to a typo, we might come across an Unexpected Token error, indicating that the parser thinks there should be another element in a particular place, rather than the token that it found there.

For example, here we have a very simple call to the Math. By including that extra comma in our method call, JavaScript expects a third argument to be included between that final comma and the closing parenthesis. The lack of that third argument is what causes the Unexpected Token error, and is why JavaScript is none too pleased. Often, Unexpected Token errors are just due to an accidental typo, but to help avoid these, it is quite beneficial to use a code editor that provides some form of auto-completion.

This is particularly useful when forming basic logical blocks or writing out method argument lists, since the editor will often automatically provide the necessary syntax surrounding your code snippet.

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When JavaScript parses this, it expects that brace character, but instead it gets the else :. The reason for this is that the parser finds our SyntaxError and reports on it before our catch block is even evaluated. Such Unexpected Token errors can be caught, but doing so typically requires execution of the two sections problematic code versus try-catch block to take place in separate locations.

To dive even deeper into understanding how your applications deal with JavaScript Errors, check out the revolutionary Airbrake JavaScript error tracking tool for real-time alerts and instantaneous insight into what went wrong with your JavaScript code.

No more searching through log files. Capture every bug and error in your app with just a few lines of code. The Technical Rundown All JavaScript error objects are descendants of the Error object, or an inherited object therein.

The SyntaxError object is inherited from the Error object. The Unexpected Token error is a specific type of SyntaxError object.

SyntaxError: Unexpected token

When Should You Use It? JavaScript code is parsed from left to right, a process in which the parser converts the statements and whitespace into unique elements: Tokens : These are words or symbols used by code to specify the logic of the application. These are reserved by the JavaScript engine, and thus cannot be used incorrectly, or as part of variable names and the like. Line terminators : As the name implies, a new line termination character.

Whitespace : Any space or tab characters that do not appear within a string definition. Effectively, if it can be removed without changing the functionality of the code, it is whitespace. Or, we only wanted to list two arguments, and accidentally included the additional comma: Math. Try For Free.

Try Airbrake For Free.May 11, at pm UTC. Normally I do fairly well when setting up a start-up menu, but every since I starting incorporating functions into my program as requested I have been having Unexpected Token and Unable to resolve identifier errors.

I am currently using NetBeans 7. In the past when I get unexpected token errors it was usually due to a misplaced or missing curly bracket or semicolon. However this time I am unable to find the problem. In addition I will leave all the cases empty except for the first one, since I it has been causing errors to all of my programs. Therefore can someone please help me fix these errors? May 12, at am UTC. Without regard to what your program is supposed to do: 1. You have defined two main functions.

The first starts on line 26 and the second is embedded in case 1 of the switch statement on line There can only be one main function. On line 48 you have a prototype for the function calculateRetail and then later in what still appears to be case 1 of the switch statement you define the function on line You cannot prototype or define a function inside of another function that way. Move the prototype on line 48 up before the start of main, say to line 25and move the function definition on line 74 to the very end after the end of main on line As a start, fix those two problems and see what happens.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. It seems to be obvious, but I found myself a bit confused about when to use curly braces for importing a single module in ES6.

For example, in the React-Native project I am working on, I have the following file and its content:. If I enclose the initialState in curly braces, I get the following error for the following line of code:. Similar errors also happen to my components with the curly braces. The SO post at here does not answer my question, instead I am asking when I should or should not use curly braces for importing a single module, or I should never use curly braces for importing a single module in ES6 this is apparently not the case, as I have seen single import with curly braces required.

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Because it will always resolve to whatever is the default export of A. To make these work, you would add a corresponding named export to A :. A module can only have one default exportbut as many named exports as you'd like zero, one, two, or many. You can import them all together:. Here, we import the default export as Aand named exports called myA and Somethingrespectively.

The default exports tend to be used for whatever you normally expect to get from the module. However it is up to you to choose how to export things: for example, a module might have no default export at all.

This is a great guide to ES modules, explaining the difference between default and named exports. I would say there is also a starred notation for the import ES6 keyword worth to mention. The brackets are golden when you need only specific components from the module, which makes smaller footprints for bundlers like webpack.

unexpected token curly bracket import

Dan Abramov answer above explains about the default exports and named exports. Importing named exports can and even should be slightly less concise. However in TypeScript named export is favored because of refactoring. Example, if you default export a class and rename it, the class name will change only in that file and not in the other references, with named exports class name will be renamed in all the references.

Named exports is also preferred for utilities. Default export is actually a named export with name default, so default export can be imported as:. If you think of import as just syntax sugar for node modules, objects, and destructuring, I find it's pretty intuitive.

In order to understand the use of curly braces in import statements, first, you have to understand the concept of destructing introduced in ES6. Now that we've got that out of our way, in ES6 you can export multiple modules.

You can then make use of object destructuring like below. The type of export i. Whenever you want to rename a named import this is possible via aliases. The syntax for this is the following:. The curly braces are used only for import when export is named.What is the wife of a henpecked husband called? What's the rationale behind the objections to these measures against human trafficking?

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unexpected token curly bracket import

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Invalid or unexpected token - Quotation Marks Bug

I make intercepter in my app and works well with intercept all outgoing API and with add a token to the header and refresh token when the original token expired. How to fix that!? Amr AbdelRahman.

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unexpected token curly bracket import

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