In this post I want to address the subject of mantles and anointings. It was woven without seam, and was put on by being drawn over the head.

It was worn not only by priests but by kings 1 Samuelprophetsand rich men Job ; These definitions are taken from the Easton Bible Dictionary. The main difference I see from one mantle to the other is that one was made out of animal hair it was hairy and the other was linen. Based on these definitions we see that the mantle is a symbol of authority and position. A modern day look at this would be the Queen. Do you notice she has her mantle around her?

This is what the Sovereign of the UK wears and when she passes that mantle it will go to the next person we think Prince Charles and he will begin to wear it. God save the Queen. The President or Prime Minister of your country wears a mantle. They have the authority and position. Until the time when the position is handed over to the next person, they are wearing that mantle.

While they are the position, they have the protection of the mantle. He has the position which demand respect. He has the authority to make decisions via executive order whether you approve of it or not. This is a part of the mantle. Consider that one of the reasons David did not kill King Saul when he had a few occasion to do so was he knew Saul was still the King. Therefore if he attacked him he was coming against the position and authority of his mantle. The mantle requires respect.

No, he killed the servant for killing the King. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.

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Whether you think they deserve to be there or not. Whether you like them or not. Do you notice it says when you resist that person in authority you resist God? Again it is one that has authority.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site.

He was also instructed to anoint Jehu as king over Israel and Hazael as the king of Syria. When Elijah departed, he went to Elisha and cast his mantle upon him before he left. As we know in the later chapters of 1 Kings and 2 KingsElisha received a similar anointing to Elijah, but of greater power. He was able to become a more anointed vessel of the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit giving him power to do even greater miracles than Elijah did.

In a way, that is similar to this phenomenon: many in the prophetic community have used the word mantle to describe the inheritance of power and calling of a prophet it is associated with.

To some people God gave instantaneous power, and for others it is more gradual and requires meditation and spending time in prayer and fasting.

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God can also give the saints as many mantles as He pleases and in the extent of each mantle that He pleases. If you happen to lead a lot of people out of a spiritual or financial slavery into the direction of the promise land of some sort, you may have been given the mantle of Moses. If you happen to be at a place where there are walls hindering you to the next level of your calling or promise land, and then you just show up, and the walls break down, you have been given the mantle of Joshua.

If you happen to have been exiled on a secluded place and you start to see Heaven or the End Times in a vision you have been gifted with the mantle of John the Apostle.

If you happen to live by the river and baptizing people, and you wear really simple clothes and eating food from nature like locust and honey, then you have been given the mantle of John the Baptist.

If you have been a farm boy, cowherd, shepherd, or pet sitter as a kid, and singing and making music in your youth and God made you a pastor, director or CEO of a large organization such as a church or a company, then you have been given the mantle of David and so on.

These are just examples. Some get one or two mantles with even more power or resemblance and some will get the mantle of one prophet and will be used by The Holy Spirit as vessels to manifest great anointing and power. But no two ministries will look the same. However they are both similar and different in some ways.

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The good news is, when you get a mantle you are given the opportunity to live and glorify God in the same or similar calling that these children of God had. If you are given the mantle of David, you have been given the opportunity to worship and steward great godly leadership on the people of God and on the people yet to belong to Jesus. However, the not so good news is that the Bible wants to forewarn us — the saints — that with greatness comes responsibility. That with the mantles the saints are given, many will fail in one way or another.

He stayed behind, and then what happened? He failed and failed miserably. So those with the mantles and anointing of David must be careful not only in the area of sexual purity, but also in their obedience or sense of duty to the people God has entrusted them to oversee and protect.

In the same way, those who are given mantles of other prophets should look closely into the prophets they inherited their mantles from and see the common blunders or the mistakes of these prophets in their lives. He had a cowardly attitude by lying to the Pharaoh about his wife and he could not trust God but made an Ishmael instead of waiting for his promised Isaac.

And this does not just mean pastors, leaders and ministers, but also the everyday moms and dads, wives and husbands. God is so amazingly creative that He created each one of us to be so unique and special yes, snowflake generation but yet so much alike.

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Paul is very clear in Ephesians and 1 Corinthians 12 that all of us in the Body of Christ are called to do different things and gifted differently. Some are given the calling to evangelize and they are so effective in doing that.

Others are given the ability to disciple great numbers and are very good at it. And yet others are called to prophesy and God gift them the ability to become His vessel in such a way. If you think about it, in every generation of Christians there are evangelists, apostles, pastors, ministers, prophets and others, and no matter how much others persecute them or try to stop them, God raise them up anyway.

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Remember Noah had to prophesy for a very long time before the Flood happened and note this — nobody but his family was saved.

Christians have been preaching about the Second Coming for years, we pray and hope it is not only us and our families are saved from the Coming Wrath, but that the whole world would know Jesus Christ is Lord now so as many as possible will be saved. Therefore, whoever you and whoever you are called to be, receive your mantles in your humility and in your seeking with God.

Remember that if you belong to Jesus, and you are saved, you have given and surrendered your life to Jesus and you have confessed Him as LORD and believe it in your heart according to Romansthen no matter how far you feel this is where you need to not lean on your own understanding as prescribed Proverbs God is from you, He is actually closer to you when you call on Him, no matter how you feel about Him as described in Psalm Read the real life accounts of the Biblical prophets and men and women of God that God has chosen to include in His Word, and see the resemblance for yourself and pray about it.

Seek Him to open doors. A lot of what we do is not easy, if it is easy, we would be in Heaven not here on this earth marred with sin, evil and suffering.God began to speak to me concerning this new month of March. As I was in prayer and reflecting on the passing of Billy Graham, God stated that mantles are falling and there is a generation that will be catching them.

This represented the passing of the baton and new responsibility that the young prophet will undertake as Elijah's successor. I saw various kinds of mantles falling from heaven to the earth that will bring revival, radical change and the glory of the Lord to the seven sectors of society. God was declaring that this is a new season that will bring about new mantles that is being activated and recalibrated in His people. These new mantles will be unlocked and unleashed to grace the wearer with supernatural ability by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the call, assignment and sphere of activity on their lives.

These mantles I saw was "mantles of glory. There are many variations of the meaning of "mantle" in the Word of God, but the primary concept is that of a covering such as a cloak, rug, robe, tunic or other piece of article of clothing. In biblical times, a mantle was described as a large, loosely fitting garment worn by prophets made of animal skin, typically sheepskin.

John the Baptist wore a mantle so to speak made out of camel's hair. Throughout the Bible there are people who are mentioned of wearing a mantle, including Job Job and Ezra Ezra Mantles is a biblical concept and represents authority, influence, power, affluence, the office that a person occupies and a person's particular anointing. A mantle symbolically represents the Holy Spirit blanketing a person like a canvas.

Prophets were especially known for wearing mantles as a sign of their calling from God 1 Kings The prophet Samuel wore a mantle 1 Sam.

Joseph the dreamer wore a mantle coat of many colors given by his father see Gen. The prophet Elijah "threw his cloak around Elisha" as a representation and declaration of Elijah's ministry being passed on to Elisha.

Elisha was not confused as to what Elijah was doing; the putting on of his mantle made his prophetic calling and election clear. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox!

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Prophets, kings and priest wore mantles of distinctions. The mantle can be viewed as a symbol of the anointing of the Holy Spirit whom God so graciously gives to all Spirit-filled believers, the people of His choice 1 Thess. We have entered into a new month of March, and God spoke to me that with the mantle that He is releasing and dropping upon His people will come with new marching orders.

God is speaking prophetically that it's your season to march forward into destiny! The Holy Spirit will be disclosing specific things concerning your purpose and destiny in divine details. While entering into this new year, there have been some resistance and setbacks, but the Lord, who is the commander in chief of the armies of God, is unleashing angels and supernatural resources, provision, assistance, finances and favor to help you fulfill your prophecy, dream and vision.

March will be a month of divine marching commands from heaven. Get ready to receive divine directives by the Holy Spirit concerning what you are to do in the next in this now season. Heaven is the command center via the Holy Spirit intelligence that is giving new instructions to God's people.

Your marching orders must come from someone in a position of authority who can delegate those orders to those under their commands.January 4, In an early morning encounter, the Lord highlighted three types of prophets that I believe are being prepared in this hour. Although no two prophets are alike, there are similarities but diversity in flow, function and personality.

I saw the Samuel Prophets who carry a building anointing and a hybrid gift mix of apostolic and prophetic function. They serve the body by teaching, training and grooming the next generation of prophets.

Mantles and Anointings Part 2-The Joseph Anointing

I also saw the launching forth of the Power Prophets, flowing in uncommon levels of demonstration and power in the areas of signs, wonders and miracles. These daring prophets will be on the front lines of the next great move of God. They are instruments of revival and catalysts of change in the earth carrying a heavenly authority. Then the Lord unfolded the Seers to me, the detailed Revealers.

This breed of prophets possesses insight that unfolds through the word of knowledge, word of wisdom and discerning of spirits in a breathtaking way. They are entrusted with mysteries and secrets. The Samuel Prophets occupy a high ranking prophetic office, operating in a strong level of wisdom and discernment. This mantle is a result of years of experiential lessons in prophetic ministries. The Samuel Prophets are apostolic builders by nature. They pour into people their skills, styles, values, strategies and experiences; establishing prophetic academies where their testimonials become life lessons.

Samuel Prophets have many students to their credits because of their wealth of revelatory grace to unveil mysteries; they replicate themselves. These prophets carry a hybrid, prophetic, apostolic anointing. They often start quite early in church, as we see Samuel with Eli in the temple.

They learn skills in church; they learn the voice of God in church. Samuel heard his voice three times to confirm. These prophets are nurtured by senior apostolic leaders, training and equipping them. Just as Samuel was a civil leader, these prophets have concerns for the welfare of the people in all ramifications: health, wealth, marriage, family.

He was the last and greatest of the judges to rule Israel. He served the priest Eli and through him God brought judgement upon Israel. Samuel Prophets carry the emotion of the Father and the heart of God. Samuel was both a prophet, priest, Nazarite and a civil leader. The prophetic mantle was to mediate for the people, the civil leadership mantle was to meet the welfare of the people and the Nazarite mantle was to be separated unto God.

As a priest, he atoned for the people. Eli began to lose his vision, but in the secret place God was raising a young man with a vision. Samuel Prophets will rise when an older generation is losing their vision. Samuel Prophets are born to ignite a fire, to kindle a weakened generation and to bring back lost glory.

understanding the prophetic mantle

They bring the Shekinah where they meet an Ichabod. While Hophni and Phinehas deposed the things of God, God was raising a young boy to grow in favor and wisdom. Samuel was called to set up the fire.Post a Comment.

Wednesday, May 8, "The Prophetic Mantle". They put out death warrants out on the prophets of God. It was years before Christ was born when Ahab began to rule in north Israel. Ahab did not marry a Jewish believer. He went against the law of God and married a pagan princess from Sidon named Jezebel. After their wedding, Ahab built a beautiful temple to her pagan gods. They legislated on behalf of those who wanted to remove the True God from Israel and against those who were loyal to Him.

Did Ahab and Jezebel succeed in wiping out faith in the true God? Did they cut out the tongue of God as Mao Zedong the father of communism in China once vowed to do? No, they did not! God sits in the heaven and laughs at the schemes of kings and governments to dethrone Him Psalm No one, no government of man, no world-wide empire can dethrone God.

He will be glorified as God for all eternity. God is used to dealing with the pride of man. God told the empire of Edom that though they made their nest in the stars He would bring them down from there Obadiah It does not matter how technically advanced a nation becomes.

It does not matter elaborate their control system becomes over people. Elijah and at least a hundred other prophets refused to become pagans like Ahab and Jezebel were 1 Kings They obeyed God above all others, AND challenged others to do the same.

Elijah and his fellow prophets kept preaching the Word of God even when their government made them out to be outlaws. Can you imagine that!

Reclaiming the Prophetic Mantle

Such a wide divide developed between the godly and ungodly that they became gross to one another. Elijah and his fellow prophets spoke for God even when their pictures were posted on the "Most Wanted" list.

Though floating in a sea of rebellious people, they did their utmost to obey, serve and speak for God. Their loyalty to God was incredible. They were standouts. Praise God for people who do not compromise even when society puts a price on their head.

Praise God for people who keep doing for others when the majority is doing for themselves. Ahab and Jezebel were as evil as any leader that ever existed.

They executed men and women who stood for God. The prophets in those days had to do their work like undercover agents. They had to meet in out of the way places at odd hours to teach people the Bible.

They would teach and then hide. Obadiah told Elijah that he hid one hundred prophets in caves to spare them from being killed by Ahab and Jezebel. Can you imagine going through that kind of stress to speak for God?The prophetic mantle is recognized in the realm of the spirit from the ministry offices of apostle, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. The mantle represents a uniform of authority that a prophet wears that identifies his or her spiritual authority, power, and rank.

It is similar to a coat that a police officer, FBI agent, or firefighter wears that identifies the office or organization they represent. The office of the prophet wears a mantle to identify his or her calling as an officer of God.

The spiritual mantle represents a uniform of authority that a prophet wears that identifies his or her spiritual authority, power, and rank. There are different mantles, clothing or garments, that also reflect what rank of authority someone carries. For example, apostolic mantles represent the power and authority of an apostle, a sent one.

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Apostolic and prophetic offices are the highest degrees of spiritual authority in the church. Therefore, this gives us an understanding of the weight upon those who carry apostolic and prophetic mantles of God. All authority is ordained of God Romans A mantle represents ordained authority by God.

Spiritual mantles reflect spiritual authority. All believers function out of the spiritual mantle of Jesus Christ who gives us a measure of authority over the powers of the devil. Every believer carries spiritual authority out of the mantle of the Holy Spirit imparted and sent by the Father and Jesus Christ.

To fully comprehend the function of the prophetic coat, cloak, and covering, the prophetic mantle is a mantle of power that empowers us to prophesy with greater strength, depth, and authority. When you prophesy with a prophetic mantle, you are essentially prophesying with a cloak of the powers of the ages before you.

You prophesy out of a portal of power where you will literally see the word of the Lord become flesh. God is moving us into a realm of speaking things into existence by the manifestation of the word of the Lord being released out of our mouths.

understanding the prophetic mantle

The ancient mantles unlock the true essence and power of the prophetic that give us the ability to carry that same power and greater into the future. Ancient mantles that were locked up, preserved, and hidden in former ages are coming upon believers today to walk heavy in impartations of the prophets. The mysteries behind the mantles are being revealed today by the New Testament prophets who are decoding and unfolding the mantles of the Old Covenant prophets for us to release that same thrust of prophetic power in our generation and generations to come.

I believe there are greater mantles to be released out of Heaven for the prophets, prophetic people, prophetic churches, and prophetic generations of leadership to do greater work. Mantles are worn on the shoulders of the bearers as signs of carrying burdens and the weight of responsibilities.

When a mantle is given to someone, it is a sign that the person has the ability and strength to shoulder responsibilities, tasks, assignments, heavy loads, and work. Mantles are not given to those who are incapable of carrying such a mandate from God.Andy Sanders:. Post a Comment. This group will focus mainly on apostolic teaching that will empower and equip the saints to reach their full potential in Christ Jesus.

Our vision statement is to: Bless the city, Reach the nation, Arise and shine to the nations! Our goal is the edification, evangelism and empowerment of the last day Church the Lord Jesus Christ is raising up, before His triumphant return! Please feel free to email Abraham if you have any questions or comments! Also, please email with any prayer request you may have to. Thursday, November 26, Mantles from Heaven.

Amos"The days are coming," declares the Lord, "when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills.

understanding the prophetic mantle

I will bring back the exiled people Israel; they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit. Mantles Falling From Heaven. Recently, right when I was falling asleep, detailed images of mantles fell from Heaven on the earth.

These looked like millions of robes, and each had a name given for many of the finely-crafted heavenly robes.

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Definitely a fascinating scene to go to bed to! Though there is much to conclude about this sight, we must ask, "What is God trying to say here? We quickly read into only one item that "stuck out" which God revealed, and missed the other hundred pieces of insight that He was also trying to show.

This easily happens by speaking, acting, and moving too fast on something God gave us when He really wanted us to "chew on it" for a long time before releasing the information. Luke"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. This is how we must approach what God gives us: Pondering each piece and really discovering more than what we first see.

The mantles I saw represented the traits, gifting, and deity of Christ resting on the earth in greater strength. There were many different names on these robes. Some were names of God and others were names of people—both alive today and passed on. As these glorious robes touched different parts of the world, it was noticeable that some of them carried the same distinct traits as others did.

And though various mantles remained empty for a long time, others were quickly filled, as if the person was at the right place at the right time. A divine collision between person and mantle. These robes that were falling into the new era had noticeably strong regional and assigned authorities upon them. This gave authenticity to the commissioning of the person who received them.

Without a doubt, this was a personal and divine impartation from the hand of God. The Lord backed these mantles with a generational breakthrough power that made callings complete in due time. Easily seen While watching this spectacular event unfold from the sky, God gave this insight:.

Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him.

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