Organisations are constantly having to manage a tight balancing act of providing market related remuneration for their employees whilst effectively managing the budget on payroll lift. Having accurate information at the right time to fairly remunerate your employees is crucial to the success of your business. Participants receive access to job, grade, general, industry and top executive survey information. This provides our participants with a real return on their investment. Salary benchmarking allows companies to make comparisons of the salary data collected through our vigorous data collection methods.

As part of our bouquet of services, we are able to offer survey data reflecting current pay trends, providing a verified view to enable your organisation to confidently proceed, knowing that the data is accurate and rigorously checked for accuracy.

Industry data within your field is able then to be extracted in easy-to-use reports. Reports can be copied and exported into Microsoft Office packages for presentation to remuneration committee. Louna Robbertse. Carol Shepherd. All rights reserved. Please see www. The problem Organisations are constantly having to manage a tight balancing act of providing market related remuneration for their employees whilst effectively managing the budget on payroll lift.

What we mean by Salary benchmarking Salary benchmarking allows companies to make comparisons of the salary data collected through our vigorous data collection methods.

Internet based electronic business tool, customised for the complexities of remuneration practices Proven its value by becoming the right-hand tool for many discerning reward practitioners Top-level internet security employed to protect the confidentiality of the data. More than validated points. In excess of 18 validated executive data points. Unique features Stringent validation of data Job matching assistance Geographic analysis Race analysis Gender analysis Age analysis Internal and external equity measure Detailed benefit quantum analysis Selection of own package component analysis Selection of percentile comparison Automatic age correction of data Interactive web based selection "what if" scenarios Real-time database Reports can be copied and exported into Microsoft Office packages for presentation to remuneration committee.

Benefits Real time - a live database, capable of constant updating Choice - supreme flexibility in defining comparator market Friendly - absolute ease of data submission and retrieval Access - instantaneous, fingertip driven, generation of reports for informed remuneration decisions Freedom - freeing up HR time to pursue strategy and not drudgery Value - one data submission once per annum provides access to multiple surveys.

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Salary and pay benchmarking is a means of determining the market value of a given role, providing decision makers with vital, objective and independently sourced information. Market based salary or bonus data does not remove the need for judgement on the part of decision-makers, but it anchors those decisions in objective reality, helping Executives or Remuneration Committee members to distinguish between market rate for the job and those considerations which relate to the job holder personally.

It is the wisely judged balancing of these two considerations which leads to the best pay setting, pay progression or bonus decisions. Any form of salary and pay benchmarking deploys a scientific method involving job analysis, identification of suitable survey data and the extraction and interpretation of that data.

Our expertise in salary and pay benchmarking flows from both our experience and our independence. Our expert consultants use their many years of in-house experience to read pay situations with insight and understanding and our independence means that we will always use the best available cost-effective survey data.

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Unlike many of our competitors, we are not tied to our house surveys regardless of how suitable they are to your needs. We select salary surveys which are sector or function focused and will regularly use multi-source salary surveys to ensure pay data findings are well validated and appropriately weighted.

Whether you are looking to recruit, are concerned that your market pay positioning may be weakening or have been impacted by recent leavers, our salary and pay benchmarking services will help you reach well-reasoned market based salary and bonus decisions and assure you that your pay levels are at an appropriate market position and pay differentials are understood.

What is Salary Benchmarking?

In addition, we routinely help companies manage their salary and pay benchmarking when there is a shortage of time or expert resource in-house. Total Reward Group has delivered detailed salary and pay benchmarking services to a wide range of organisations.

Benchmarking data is provided on a sector or job family basis and our analysis will be based on reliable job matching, as well as having regard to company size and complexity, revenue and market capitalisation, whether looking at basic salaries, cash bonuses, share awards or long-term incentive plan LTIP payments. It is for these reasons that benefits benchmarking has an important contribution to make to reward strategy and remuneration decisions in general.

Health and wellness benefits and other lifestyle benefits also help to differentiate the reward package, including flexible benefits and voluntary benefit plans. The Benefits of Salary and Pay Benchmarking Salary and pay benchmarking is a means of determining the market value of a given role, providing decision makers with vital, objective and independently sourced information.

For further information contact jenny.Most innovative compensation technology backed by the most experienced team in the industry. Buy our surveys. Learn more. Get a Live Demo. Salary benchmarking, also called compensation benchmarking, is the process by which internal job descriptions are matched to external jobs with similar responsibilities to identify the market rate for each position. When creating a new position complete with job responsibilities and a corresponding salary, it is important for those working in human resources to perform these market assessments and salary comparisons efficiently and accurately.

How to Build A Competitive Pay Structure – Background on Compensation Survey Data

Many factors such as geographic location, company size, and education level factor into the final salary, and all must be considered before filling the position.

Before hiring employees, you first need to build a foundation. And if that foundation is rotten, then you've already set yourself up for failure. If done incorrectly using bad market salary data, you could have a hard time attracting the best candidates, or risk looking foolish by advertising a position with a salary range completely out of whack with the rest of the market.

If you hire someone and a salary benchmarking mistake is later discovered, any adjustment especially downward could create employee dissatisfaction, poor employee engagement, and lead to higher turnover costs if that employee has to be replaced. This makes salary benchmarking a vital part of the hiring process. Toggle navigation Demo. Experience CompAnalyst: Get a Demo. All Sections Personal. All Sections Data. Compensation Data. All Sections Business Solutions. Compensation Software.

Trusted by over 4, enterprise customers. All Sections Learning Center. Get a Demo. Personal Resources. Business Resources. Trending Business Topics. What are you worth? Search Salary. All Sections About Us. Visit us on: Facebook Twitter Linked In. What is Salary Benchmarking? Share this article: Twitter.No organisation is too big or too small. We will always do our best to find a solution that suits your needs and budget. RewardOnline our live, audited, web based national survey. Industry shared cost surveys and customised tailor made surveys for clients who may want a more niche set of results, either considering a unique set of jobs or a unique industry view.

salary benchmarking companies

Good HR and Remuneration structures and practices — founded on accurate, reliable benchmarks, will engage individuals — encouraging performance that will drive your strategy.

Defensible benchmarks will also ensure that you are in a position to meet all governance requirements. The market may be different for different jobs. Thus, the type of survey used will depend on the appropriate choice of comparator groups.

All organisations within a particular industry are invited to become involved in the design of the survey. The costs are shared equally amongst all participants. Both the remuneration information and specific positions can be agreed at the outset. An agreed comparator group is invited to participate and the survey is completely customised to your requirements.

The survey could include benchmarking of remuneration and incentive practices as well as broader reward issues as dictated by the client. In-house benchmarking — benchmark all the elements of remuneration both fixed and variable for unique roles based on your specific company metrics.

A methodology has been developed to present salary data in countries where survey data is minimal or absent. This methodology has produced an index that is based on audited data sets and measures that have been developed from a multitude of highly reputable data sources.

Our business rests on commitment to confidentiality of data.

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Thus under no circumstances would any individual information or any company-specific information be disclosed to any other participant. Our business depends on our commitment to this promise. RewardOnline gives you unlimited access — for a full year — to live remuneration data for all positions included in the survey currently over positions across all levels in the organisation executive, general staff and bargaining unit staff.

Salary Survey data for all types of surveys is housed within RewardOnline. We currently run over 50 niche surveys annually and the survey results contribute to our formidable ever-expanding remuneration database, and allow us to present your company with a tailor-made solution. Executive benchmarks differ, dependent on the size and complexity of the organisation and the role, and it is important to define these parameters to ensure an accurate benchmark.

An individual benchmark also enables you to request specific information, such as market data for short-term and long-term incentive practices and values.But it is a very different exercise to benchmarking sickness absence, like we showed you last week. With absence, you can reasonably aim for a similar score across your whole workforce.

But with salary, everybody is paid wildly different amounts based on things like job role, qualifications and length of experience.

salary benchmarking companies

By far, the easiest way to quickly check the average salary for any job role, is to use a crowdsourced benchmarking tool. These tools are normally run by online job boards, which gather salary from multiple open or historic vacancies, to provide you with an average salary for any particular role.

There are many of these tools available, but here are some that we have found to be the most helpful, and the easiest to use:. What is the average salary in the UK? According to incometaxcalculator. When you add employees to your HR system, our software measures key metrics against companies similar to yours. This gives you insights into areas like salary, sickness absence and turnover. In turn, this helps you build a stronger employer brand, and become more competitive.

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Ever wondered how the Bradford Factor formula calculates your employees' absence scores?

Creating a Salary Benchmarking Plan

Check out this graphic to have the Bradford Factor calculation explained to you clearly. So many HR systems claim to be different. Benchmarking salary: How do you compare? Stay ahead of the game with your free weekly summary Please enter a valid email address.In previous posts, we have covered different aspects of salary benchmarking at an organization. From choosing salary benchmarking data sources to getting buy-in at the corporate level, there are plenty of actions to take.

A benchmarking plan will help. Depending on the scope of the project, your salary market study plan can range from one page to five? Complete your job descriptions. Build your plan.

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Next, start building your salary benchmarking plan. Open up a fresh document and get started! Understand your purpose. What is it? Do you support an annual effort to perform salary reviews? Is there a team that the organization may be over? Are you losing top performing employees or struggling to recruit fresh talent into a particular area of the business? Whatever your reason, your written objective should tie back to your business purpose for performing the salary benchmarking study.

The engineering group needs QA talent to support our initiatives and keep our business on track for Q4 This external salary market study will ensure that we are offering competitive pay and benefits for our positions.

Establish your goals. Your goals might be set by you, or they may be decided by another leader in your company. For example, you could be asked to reduce management pay by 10 percent in the next 18 months. The more specific you make your goals, the better. And keep your list down to 2? Setting goals will also help you prioritize which employees, teams or talent you should focus on first, especially if your company has more than employees.

After all, you can always perform additional salary benchmarking studies to manage less? Outline your approximate budget and resources needs. Normally, there are two major costs to conducting a market study — salary benchmarking data and HR consultant time. So, take time to find out what the outside research will cost and if you need to include internal time, or consulting fees.If you work in HR, you would no doubt have heard about salary benchmarking.

But what exactly is it?

salary benchmarking companies

Is there a salary benchmarking process? How does the process work?

salary benchmarking companies

Are there any reliable salary benchmarking companies? The salary benchmarking process gathers information on pay and benefits for various organisations. It then goes on to compare the pay package on offer against those offered for the same role by competitors. This information is then used to calculate the average salary for specific roles within an organisation. Salary benchmarking is an important part of managing a business with employees.

The process used by a business to identify, track and compare similar salary rates to determine the pay package for their employees.

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In terms of HR, salary benchmarking is essential for comparing the pay and benefits on offer against those offered by competitors. The process prevents the loss of employees to competitors with better packages.

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It also allows businesses to see how competitive they are within the marketplace. Salary benchmarking offers employers a justification to show the value of their employees. It will also keep stakeholders up-to-date with the latest salary trends in their industry.

Salary benchmarking involves research from outsourced benchmarking tools and data sources.

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Results are listed according to location, experience levels and more. You'll find information on salary benchmarking and simple tools on recruitment sites. Some recruitment companies can have access to salary information from hundreds of employers. There are lots of salary benchmarking tools available online for businesses and employees.

For generic information on pay, according to location and industry, check recruitment sites like Hays, Hudson, and Total Jobs. For a more detailed report consider hiring expert salary benchmarking professionals.

Croner offers two essential software tools designed to simplify the salary benchmarking process. They base their reports on data from over 3, employers and 50, jobs all around the UK. You would get a detailed and customised report specific to your company and compared to your competitors. Salary benchmarking allows recruiters and employers to better understand the job market. It helps to track changing trends in salaries, benefits and compensation within industries.

Some other benefits of salary benchmarking include:. Croner Reward has two essential software solutions that are compatible with one another. We designed the tools to simplify the job evaluation and salary benchmarking processes. Speak to our experienced professionals about insights and up-to-date salary benchmarking reporting.

Find more information regarding our salary surveys and benchmarking tools. You can also check out Croner Reward online tools for salary search explaining the essential information that employers need for a detailed report. As Business Manager, Clare leads a team of Reward Consultants who specialise in the delivery of pay and grading related advice, including tailored pay benchmarking and gender pay reports.

Over the years, Clare has contributed to various industry publications on topics such as gender pay, executive remuneration and market pay trends. Call us today on or fill in your details below to speak to an expert.

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