Anything else is fluff! The only problem? You were curious, and that curiosity led you to grow closer — but perhaps, in growing closer and getting to know him, you were getting a little in over your head. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat?

You both signed the lease though, so now you were stuck with each other whether you liked it or not. At least he was cute, even if he did spend the better half of his time glaring at you. What better to heal an grieving heart, than the luminous, rippling magic of the moon? And maybe a merman, or two. You know, for good measure. And, like any good fiction, it follows a theme of serendipitous happening, and tentacles.

Behold, serendipity and tentacles— or dare we call it…. But as time went on the joy he gained from his job and creating happiness for the humans began to fade, a wanting and desire welling up in him with each century that passed for something more, something unattainable, something he knew he could never have. It was no biggie— you were a good student, and you knew your stuff. Luckily, as you were quick to find out, incubi are very understanding. Luckily for you, a strawberry-haired guide appears and offers to help you along.

He just did what he was told!

nct smuts masterlist

Of course, the execution was a bit poor… and embarrassing. Perhaps you should thank them for how things turned out… right after they finish running from Yoonji, that is. You knew, but you were running late, and you did it anyway. Oh, little red, just what have you gotten yourself into?

Maybe they just need a little time to bloom. It becomes a reality, though, when Seokjin and Jimin bring home a cursed doll that reacts with the potion you were making and lands you all cursed yourselves; both forced to say whatever comes to mind and bound to each other. Especially since it turns out the feelings you thought you were over never quite went away. What are you to do when you let a wolf so unknowingly into your herd of sheep?

Multiple Choice 1 pt 1. What happens when the poem you wrote for your crush and submitted as an assignment is leaked to the whole university?How they react when they think you baked something for them but you actually baked it for yourself and you get really defensive of it, telling them not to touch it.

How they react to you fangirling over them in glasses. How they react when they find another member helping their girlfriend put on a tight dress. Random Jin Fluff. BTS as vampires. Spending your birthday with Jimin would include. How they react to you getting back with an ex who they thought was just a friend after breaking up with you. How they react to Babymetal. Them realizing they love their crush and how they confess. How they react when their crush gets hurt by a snowball thrown by another member.

Gif reaction: when you fight. How they react to a stray cat hanging outside their dorms. Monsta X as the seven deadly sins. Building a snowman with I.

M would include. How they react to you being childish. How they react to you baking them a cake on their birthday. How they react to you being able to scream heavy metal style. Sorting Vixx into Hogwarts Houses Part 1. Sorting Vixx into Hogwarts Houses Part 2. How they react to their crush trying to learn Korean.

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How they react when you randomly kiss them. How they react to you just being friends but you always giving them skinship.After 1 minute of frantically searching for your ticket, the guard asks you to step outside of the line. Come on… I know its in here somewhere. Cant you just look my name up somewhere and check, please, i bought one, i have one, i do. Since your cousin dropped you off and is going to pick you back up on her lunch break, so you have no way of leaving - so you just sit in the security office.

Walking out, you look at your wrist watch and see that you still have another 2 hours of waiting.

nct smuts masterlist

Seeing that all the other fans who came to the fan sign for NCT have left, you sit between the door and the handrail. After about 10 minutes of doing absolutely nothing, you start to doze off, before falling asleep all together.

The creaking of a metal door opening was what slightly woke you up, then it was that same door hitting you in the head, making you yelp out in pain, jolting you awake. Are you alright? Even though he had no idea as to why you were laughing, the sound of your laughter made him want to join in. You introduced yourself as calmly as you could, pretty smoothly. As you told him what happened, he busted out in laughter.

Well, would you like to come meet everyone now?

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Join us, please. As you two made your way to the other members, Ten put his hand on the center of your back, leading the way. Nervousness rose up as you wondered about what your or Ten would say as to why you were there right then. Thinking that they were laughing at you, you looked down to the carpeted floor and blushed. Ten looked over to you only to see you looking down.

Multistan Kpop Smut — SM-Entertain-Me Masterlist (NCT)

Ten asked you if you would like to stay and join them eating, which you agreed to after calling your cousin and asking for a later pick-up time. Ten seemed to be the only one he was interested in.

He kept you two in conversation the whole time, which you had no problem with what-so-ever.

Sample log book report

When it came time for you to leave, Ten nervously asked for your phone number with his hand scratching the back of his neck, eyes locked on you. In shock, you reached into the pocket of your jacket in search of a piece of paper. Finding one, you pulled it out. With your eyes almost jumping out of your head, you hold up your ticket for the fan sign with Ten busting up in laughter.In the distance, you can hear Coldplay playing loudly from the shower and a loud voice accompanying it.

It had to be Johnny, singing in the shower, no one else was in the house besides the two of you.

kpop scenarios & reactions — The Boyz masterlist: Reactions: face riding part...

Just thinking back on today made you feel sleepier. You hear the shower door open, and Johnny walks out, a towel rubbing his head an other tied around his waist. You nodded curling up into a ball. When you saw the drawer was empty, you realized you forgot to take out your refilled pills out of your purse.

You ran down the hall way to grab it, and quickly swallow a few without looking that hard. With a soft thud, you landed back on the bed ready to go to sleep. Was the bed always this hot? You kicked off the blanket hoping to cool down. You stand up in a sort of sleepy daze to check the thermometer. You lay back down on the bed hoping it would be cooler. He pauses for a second, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Can we turn up the AC please?

Johnny walked back to the bed and laid down, totally confused, yet bewitched by your body. Johnny touched you hesitantly, placing one hand on your forehead. He noted that you were only the slightest bit warm, not like a high fever.

Whenever you get horny, you get warm like this too. He snuck a glance down and you noticed it kicking him in between his legs. His lips traced your soft flesh as his long fingers trail down your abdomen cold to the touch. It felt good. He kissed you softly, and his sweet tongue danced with yours as you moaned.

His cold skin felt magical against yours. His finger found your unsatisfied throb. Hip lips trailed down your neck following the trail of his fingers earlier until he reach your sensitive bud. Every inch of your body felt the sensation.Originally posted by ethereal-baek. Originally posted by yoonseok. Hiii :D can I request? If yes: I really liked the Nct reaction with the arranged marriage and wanted to ask if you could also do one for Nct Dream? Ur so talented in writing and creative!!

Originally posted by ihyuck. Haechan is in the NCT version of this! Renjun and you had always had conflicts while growing up. He was such a brat and still seemed that way as his eyes pierced you. You will be staying with him tonight, no matter what you say!

A shadow cascaded over you.

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Your tears escaped, snapping at him. You laughed in disbelief.

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You care for me? I- I mean it. Originally posted by kyoonglight. His built frame and sharp features intimidated you.

nct smuts masterlist

Lee Jeno was the most intimidating young man you thought you would ever come across. His dark orbs scanning your frame from across the dining hall sent chills along your body. You came face to face with Jeno in the secluded hallway. You reluctantly followed behind. He lead you into a closet, leaving only a few inches between your burning bodies. His jaw clenched. Originally posted by nctweallsosexy.

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You stepped out of the crowd and into the bathroom, feeling for the first time tonight that you can breathe. You caught your complexion in the mirror. Thoughts swarmed your mind. The thoughts progressively got more overwhelming, causing you to break down. You slid down the wall, crushed by the feeling of hopelessness. You flung the door open.

Sorry I took so long! He closed the door behind him. He whispered near your ear, lips brushing the side of your face. Come find me when you are ready to talk. Originally posted by parrotjaemin. Chenle was always cocky and stuck up, he was just raised that way. He was surrounded money growing up, dirty money. How can someone be okay living like this? Talk to you?Requested: Jungwoo scenario Fluffy ; smut 1, words.

So here you are. But that day you received a message from your boyfriend, Jungwoo. You two started dating two… maybe three months ago? He was not the kind of who splits his feelings out so easily, but with you was a little bit different.

send requests and asks!

He liked you, he fell for you. What is this dude thinking? So one day he asked you out. But when comes to confessing, finally, he did tell you some beautiful things. You felt like it was someone different but Jungwoo. Of course you were concerned and angry, because… Well, what about his health? But he really wanted to debut. He really wanted to become a singer. Jungwoo drives you crazy. But still, he loves you more that anything. You looked up to the building trying to see if he was awake.

He was with an exhausting expression, like he has been awake for weeks. He took a deep breath. His face showed some concernment, some fear. You were almost sure it was about all his trainee days, and the fact that all his friends were debuting but him made Jungwoo feel like trash. He was always on the company, training, pushing himself harder… He deserved more than anyone to become a real singer.

He stared at you. His eyes were so deep and dark. He could express all words in this world with just one look. And now, those eyes were focusing on you. Suddenly he smiled and you realized he had something in mind.I finally have enough fics to upload a masterlist for my NCT fics! After a lot of consideration, I have decided to allow for my followers to request from all subunits of NCT, including Dream. Jeno, Haechan, Renjun, and Jaemin are legal in their home country as well as mine.

I love you all and enjoy! It sounded like an amazing way to let loose, but there happens to be someone there who can help you get even looser. Originally posted by johnil. And he knows it. All you really had to do was point to things on diagrams and have him tell you what they are, but you suggest that he tries something else to learn the material better…. Originally posted by taesyong. Originally posted by neotechs.

You accept the challenge, but never dreamed of how difficult he could be. Time to bring in… alternative measures. What you thought was a normal, upscale hotel turned into something more than you bargained for. Originally posted by nct3xo.

Originally posted by vocalhyuck. Little did you know that there would be something at the party the night before that would be even harder to resist. Originally posted by younoh. Originally posted by yutaejpg. What surprised you is when he brought a friend with him in hopes of tapping into that special treatment.

nct smuts masterlist

Originally posted by dojaez. And the game that was picked was none other than the seemingly innocent game of Twister. Originally posted by dimplesjae.

Originally posted by haenyan. There was never really a label for you two, it was just there. Being the tease he is, he decides to suggest a little game of Would You Rather to exploit your feelings towards Jeno.

No biggie, right? Little did you know, Jaemin was prepared to make you melt in his hands. Rough Day? Which means you are definitely not allowed to sleep with him.

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