So the App is now available for both the iPhone and Android users, which You can download from Play store or iTunes Apps store in free of cost. Thank you for letting us know about the issues you have. Because not all apps support the jio phone. Twitter Publisher: Twitter Category: social media From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first.

Head over to to search all our articles, or write us directly! Sokoban Publisher: KaiGames Category: games A little dude has to push the cube to the correct places.

KaiOS – The Emerging Mobile Operating System

The app will be available for download starting September 10,but not everyone will be able to see it on App Store today as the complete rollout will happen by September 20, Once that happens, users' JioPhone experience will instantly become more customer-friendly. If you are one of the Jio phone users then you will know that the Reliance Jio phone not works on any of the Smart operating system. Notice the timer that runs out for each of them. For more information about the features, please contact Reliance Jio directly:.

Answered by NewsBytes The Jio phones come with the Jio music app and on the Jio music app you can stream and download unlimited songs. When I check those images inside file manager I can find those images without any problem.

If you have questions regarding apps or if you would like to request an app, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly via this link. One question that is not related to Whatsapp: I recently bought a Nokia and was surprised that it has no file manager. So, we suggest you to stop wasting time on search apk files for jio phone so jio phone running apk files in just a lie and nothing else. Step 1: First, unlock your device and open the menu in your jio phone.

Eventually it seems that will never arrive. Protect your hatchlings for as long as possible, in this addictive game. However, if you want to request an app specifically for JioPhone, we recommend contacting Reliance Jio directly as they are in charge of the JioStore.

You have to complete the number before time runs out! However Jio phone have its own app store from where you can download many Apps. Jio phone support for the 4G Lite Future.Learn a new skill. Know what friends and celebrities are up to. This wandering frog needs your help to cross the road and come back home! Reach the other side of the river before time runs out. Complete all the five levels by putting a frog in every cove. Be careful to not get driven by cars, use the floating trucks or turtle shells to cross the river.

Use arrow keys to move the frog. Make sure to upgrade your spaceship to survive as long as possible! Accept the challenge to become an Archery Master. Enjoy hunting in beautiful scenery and hunt down flying birds, falling fruits and moving bullseye.

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Water Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight. Explore popular movies and TV shows, including ratings and reviews. Check what's new or most appreciated. Watch video — including exclusive trailers, and more. Keep track of your menstrual cycles with Period Tracker. It tracks your periods, cycles, ovulation and the chance of conception.

Explore KaiOS. Meet the apps Learn a new skill. Browse apps on KaiOS.

I spent a week with a $17 KaiOS phone – here’s what I learned

Utilities Xender xender. Fast cross-platform file transfer and share App, Get video and music from android smartphone. Games Bounce No Moss Studios. Help Pip bounce down an endless tree. But be careful, don't let Pip fall down! Health Water Reminder Valesios. News The Movies Database Cypien. Health Period Tracker Valesios.

Games Let's Go Fishing Gamezop. Become a fishing master by capturing maximum number of yummy fish in this adventure game. Utilities Weather Lite DataArt. With UC Browser, you get a fast, all-in-one web experience so one is enough.In India, it is well known as the operating system of Jio phone: a keypad 4g phone which supports Volte sim card of Reliance Jio.

Like most of the operating system, this os has its Inbuilt App store. From where users are able to download the apps which is available and compatible to their mobile devices.

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Yes, you can download the apps from the KaiOS App store but when it comes to Reliance Jio, then have there owned restrictions. It may be possible in future to download the apps from KaiOS App store but currently, you load only the app, which is made available by Jio. In case you are still using the older version then all you have to do is update your phone to the latest version. Just tap on it and start the Downloading procedure. In that case, you just have to Update your Jio phone and the app store will be available on your phone.

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Articles Review. TR modz. Suggested for you. Recharge quiz of amazon : All answers of Amazon Recharge Quiz. Latest Reviews.KaiOS growth is being largely attributed to popularity of the competitively-priced Jio Phone.

KaiOS is also the name of an unrelated Linux project, dating from and targeted at embedded systems. Devices that come with KaiOS included: [18]. With the release of the Nokia 4Gan active community around both KaiOS and the phone arose and released the first version of a jailbreak. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mobile operating system. Archived from the original on Retrieved KaiOS has been around since August 24, Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved December 20, EOTO Tech.

Retrieved 18 August June 16, July 20, July 13, The Economic Times. Android Authority. Retrieved 17 March Nokia 4G, running KaiOS, received […] firmware version Mobile operating systems.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.Earlier this year, KaiOS Technologies shook up the feature phone market through partnerships with mobile industry giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.

Productivity functions…. Productivity functions such as to-do lists and a QR code reader, combined with mobile gaming, help to round out what many expect from a modern mobile experience. It took some time, but QR codes have proven their worth and are here to stay. As the versatility of this barcode has always been exclusive to smartphone users, Kai saw an opportunity to bridge this digital gap by rolling out a KaiOS QR code app, inviting all smart feature phone users into this part of the digital revolution.

In India, for example, many businesses utilize QR codes for marketing and promotion campaigns. This means that companies can incorporate additional information — including a website URL, email, calendar event or business card — into QR codes.

Consumers only need their device to decode QR codes and access the information contained within them. This makes it easier for businesses to convey important information quickly and efficiently, as well as improve customer engagement.

QR codes are also used across India to promote cashless transactions — many train stations are adapting QR codes for ticketing. This ensures a quick and seamless payment process for all passengers.

KaiOS FAQ : For Jio phone download, App store & App development

Furthermore, schools are using QR codes to improve school safety. With all these valuable real-world applications, the QR app is a must for all smartfeature phone users. To get started, simply open the app, scan the barcode, and unlock the benefits. With the To-Do app, you can record events, reminders, and ideas at your convenience — from grocery lists to appointments and errands. Through the To-Do app, you can boost your productivity and simultaneously give your brain a break by making use of the embedded reminder functionality.

Having troubles tracking your caloric intake, steps made, or how many visitors have stopped by your market booth? Counter has you covered. Crazy Eggs. Games are no longer the exclusive domain of computer geeks.

Mobile gaming is a favorite pastime for players from all walks of life and are enjoyed everywhere, at any time. In addition to providing entertainment, gaming also boosts intelligence and other skills according to research published by APA. Their findings even showed playing games may help children improve their problem-solving and social skills.

To ensure smart feature phone users can also enjoy themselves while giving their intelligence a boost at the same time, the KaiOS development and UX teams are always thinking up new gaming titles for the KaiOS platform. Crazy Eggs is one of their newest creations and now available in the KaiStore.

Crazy Eggs is a 3D title with several challenging levels, suitable for both children and adults. Players see a lot of baskets on their screen and must guess where the egg is placed. Initially you get a hint as to where the egg is placed but then, all the baskets get shuffled and figuring out where the egg is placed gets more challenging, especially when the speed increases when you reach higher levels.

Be warned, this game will challenge your eyesight and ability to concentrate!

Internet for everyone.

More titles for the KaiStore are in the works: utilities, games, and other apps from third parties. If you want to be the first to know when a new title is released, then keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Want to reach KaiOS customer support?

Have a partnership idea? Would like to work for KaiOS? Click here to fill out the form, our support agents will be in touch shortly.

What about Whatsapp? I know that it was released for the Jio phone, but I cannot buy it cause i do not live in India It is the only thing that i care about in a phone, and i see it as necessary for making the big step of moving out from android.

Is it in development right now or not? Thanks in advance.Until now, the smartphone has been the domain of apps and their stores.

The similarities Conceptually, the KaiStore is no different from a store for apps on other devices. Conceptually, the KaiStore is no different from a store for apps on other devices.

kaios apps store

You can browse app categories, like social media and games. You can read a preview, find info on the developer, and download the apps you like.

kaios apps store

Many are free, some are paid, others offer in-app purchases. KaiOS also supports push notifications, just like a regular smartphone. Another similarity is the type of content you can find in the KaiStore.

In the coming months, many more titles will be added in categories like gaming, streaming entertainment, travel, social media, and health. So far, so similar. Our mission at Kai is to close the digital divide, and the KaiStore plays a central role in this effort.

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The next important step is to create relevant content including apps specifically for those who access the mobile internet for the first time. Users can use their Google Assistant to find answers, get things done and open apps using nothing but their voice — all they have to do is press and hold the Google Assistant button to get started.

Simple and convenient! So in the coming months and years, we will be turning more of our attention to help bring more apps to the KaiStore that are developed with this unique target audience in mind. The KaiStore will be curated for the foreseeable future. Any developer can submit suggestions for apps and all of these will be reviewed by the KaiStore team. From these submissions we will select the apps that are most fitting for KaiOS and our target audience, to guarantee the best possible experience for our users.

We will make the review criteria transparent and easy to understand in order to improve the chances of a successful submission. While we want to provide as much relevant content as possible, we also want to ensure a high level of quality and make it easy to discover new apps.

We can only do this by slowly increasing the amount of content, making improvements to the KaiStore as we grow. This product will help app developers monetize their apps in the KaiStore. KaiAds will support innovative ways of monetizing content on feature phones, for example with a lock screen solution, as well as pre-rolls and post-rolls at specific moments in the app.

The KaiStore will go live in several countries in May details to follow and continues to be rolled out on a country-by-country basis from there onwards in close cooperation with our partners.

Curious about developing apps for KaiOS? Head over to our Developers page and leave your email address. How do I turn off store notifications. They come at a. I never want anything from the store. I hate this PoS operating system. It is the worst thing I have ever seen. Hey Lathief, WhatsApp is not supported.

However, we are constantly working on bringing you as many applications as it is needed to navigate the modern-day world.

kaios apps store

Please stay tuned for the updates. Thank you for your work.

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This will be the last step before my total move to my Nokia Hi Nicolas! You will definitely see an announcement on our blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter when there are any news regarding WhatsApp on the Nokia 4G. We truly appreciate your interest in the KaiOS-powered devices!Gaia is the user interface of the KaiOS platform.

Anything drawn on the screen once KaiOS has launched is a product of the Gaia layer. Gaia implements the lock screen, home screen, and all the standard applications you expect on a smart feature phone. Its only interfaces to the underlying operating system are through open Web APIs, which are implemented by the Gecko layer.

Third-party applications can be installed alongside the Gaia layer.

kaios apps store

It makes sure those APIs work well on every operating system Gecko supports. This means Gecko includes, among other things, a networking stack, graphics stack, layout engine, a JavaScript virtual machine, and porting layers. Gecko is the web engine and presentation layer in KaiOS that connects hardware to HTML by serving as the interface between web content and the underlying device.

Gecko provides an HTML5 parsing and rendering engine, programmatic access to hardware functionality via secure web APIs, a comprehensive security framework, update management, and other core services.

The kernel and several of the userspace libraries are common open-source projects: Linux, libusb, bluez, and so forth. You could say that Gonk is a very simple Linux distribution. Since the KaiOS project has full control over Gonk, we can expose interfaces to Gecko that can't be exposed on other operating systems. For example, Gecko has direct access to the full telephony stack and display frame buffer on Gonk, but doesn't have this access on any other operating system.

New Apps and Utilities Now Available in the KaiStore

Gonk is the kernel-level component in the KaiOS stack that serves as the interface between Gecko and the underlying hardware. Gonk controls the underlying hardware and exposes hardware capabilities to Web APIs implemented in Gecko. Detailed flows.

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